Today, LR is an independent music powerhouse in SW London, but what’s the story behind the music? Latent’s Records (LR) emerged from the work in the music community of Tim ‘Latent’ plant in 2013. Tim formed the record label with the help of Alastair ‘Sly Loris’ Pellatt and Will-Powerz. As a team, the trio subsequently launched the website and acquired a roster of artists to begin releasing music. The beginning roster included the following acts:

  • Latent: a record producer and multi-instrumentalist with emphatically diverse styles.
  • Will-Powerz: an urban music all-rounder whose albums remain some of the most undeniably popular in the LR catalogue.
  • The Way it Ends: a thrash metal band Latent basically built around his guitar student Reese.
  • Gareth Paul: a singer-songwriter in similar fashion to Ed Sheeran.

Moving Forward

Alastair Pellatt, a.k.a. Sly Loris, was the bass player with The Way It Ends. Since then, he has been the main force behind the creation of the website. The early period of LR saw everyone finding their feet. It involved rehearsals, recording of music and podcasts, some video and basically a lot of learning about the work behind the music industry.

As time went on, the label acquired several other indie musicians. Young R&B artists Lovutta and Ayesha Izzie brought some extra diversity to the styles offered, while rapper Snypa Delic came into the fold and similarly created some great work. Magic Brother joined the label and released an album to great reception. Numerous collaborators played a part in proceedings, including DJ Shabz, A-Double, Gasmask Formation and Ricky Benang. There were also meetings with hugely talented artists like Gabriella Vixen and Cassie Rytz. Eventually, LR parted ways with many of the acts and began forging a new direction.

The work of Latent, Will-Powerz and Sly Loris has been the engine that powers everything LR has achieved behind the music. There have been live performances, radio appearances and spins and YouTube series’ (check out Latent’s Monday Moods and Will-Powerz’ Freestyle Fridays). There have been hits and misses, collaborations, solo projects and music videos. One thing that has remained consistent is the passion of the management trio.

The future is looking bright with more work from them, as well as new artists like Charlie, who is developing under the watchful eye of Latent. LR is more than just a record label London can be proud of. It is SW London’s multimedia production company and independent record label, run by creative and innovative artists to create music with substance. If this sounds like your cup of tea, we invite you to enjoy our work!

Timothy Plant/Latent

Timothy James Plant, born 15th May 1968 in Lambeth, London, was raised in Morden, Surrey and Rhineland, Germany, where he stays when work permits. He is a strong and committed supporter of WSPA, RSPCA and The British Heart Foundation and a dedicated vegan. Tim became a solo artist and created ‘Latent‘ after playing in, and starting, a number of bands. His aim was to promote his own alternative style of music.

He then went on to build Flabby Toad Studio (aka LR Studio 1), which has a mobile facility, and eventually launch independent record label Latent’s Records. During the creation of the record label, Krazed Mag – a website to promote new and local artists and tell the stories behind the music – was born.

​Tim is a self confessed lover of film soundtracks and mood inspired music. He has produced hundreds of instrumentals, many of which have had radio play and requests from companies to support their products.

Latent’s Music

Tim extended the ‘Latent’ company to include the now-defunct Latent’s Music through his collaborations and growing body of work. Latent’s Music was an inclusive company that allowed people of all ages and abilities to experience the process of music. This means everything from writing and recording, to producing their own tracks and releasing to the public (see the LR roster), and artists who are just starting out. He provides access to studio facilities and ongoing help/support with his experience in music.

Tim has produced a catalogue of songs that artists can use as a starting point to add their own vocals and additional instruments. These tracks have been released under ‘Latent feat’. He has also showcased artists through different mediums from various music genres.

To date, Tim has worked with many bands and solo artists. He has actively encouraged young people with additional needs to put their own thoughts, feelings and energy into music. These tracks have been released on various promotional music sites, and he is committed to being the inspiration behind the music of many.


Will is a classically-trained musician whose passion for music with soul and meaning took him into the urban genre. He is a producer, rapper and singer whose musical portfolio is as diverse as his skillset. As a result, he is something of an enigma in South London’s urban scene. Will brings his own unique vision and style to a number of the LR releases.

His first meeting with Latent was in 2013, and he was quickly brought on board for the launch of LR. Will has since played a huge part in the creation of the earlier catalogue and much work behind the music. This has also led to him handling the business’ written content across all the LR platforms, playing a key role in marketing and development of non-music content.

Will-Powerz is inspired by artists like Common, Mos Def, J Dilla and, more recently, Kendrick Lamar and XXXTENTACION. He admires musicians who consistently break the mould, and injects a real message into everything he is involved in. He creates art that he hopes might change the world, or at least make a difference to some lives. As a result, you will come to recognise the unique style behind the music he releases, and of the artists he collaborates with.

The work so far

Will-Powerz has worked with a number of artists from London, other parts of the UK, the USA, Africa and even Russia. His instrumentals have been sold for use in a wide range of multimedia projects. Additionally, he has  ghostwritten lyrics for several commercial and corporate songs. He has appeared as a guest on Croydon Radio, and has had a number of songs played through several radio networks.

As you might expect, you can find several of his own music videos on YouTube. This includes his ‘Freestyle Fridays’ series that has accumulated thousands of total views, showcasing the talents of various rappers. He continues to work on building LR into a major London player whilst creating his own music.